Anming’s greatest fan holds the latest edition of Volume, CSCi : The Murderous MILF


The original cover of Volume 1, CSCi : The Murderous MILF is now a rare collectible.

antique book cover CSCi The Murderous MILF 2011
2011 cover of the first ever publication of this book in a limited run.

Author: Jean du Plessis

Jean grew up in Africa and lived and worked in quite a few countries across the world. Having attended seventeen schools from grades 1 to 12, most of them being boarding schools, he knows about the struggles that young people face. In 1990, Jean and his wife Adele founded several shelters and residential care programs for destitute children in need of care. During those years, he worked closely with children trapped in prostitution, caught in the legal system and in the clutches of uncaring government agencies. Lately, the founded and couple manages several charitable programs in South East Asia. Jean says that some of the best people he had ever met in his life were those young people rejected by society. Jean is an avid writer and author of several spirituality books. The CSCi series is his first books for young people. Jean and Adéle now live in Canada with snow flies and black squirrels. Jean invites you to help co-write the next book in the series. Get involved in the online discussions and indicate your desire to co-write with never know where that may lead. Our trio of heroes invite you, no, they beg of you to join them online to share with them as CSCi grows.

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