About CSCi

CSCi [Cure Soul Cancer International] is a middle-grade / young adult book series of novellas by author Jean Prieur du Plessis, illustrated by Ronaldo Florendo.

The first book in the series is CSCi: The Murderous MILF. This is the one where the story starts, in Minandao Province in the southern Philippines. It was published December 2015.

A release date for the second book, where the trio takes Canada by storm, is set for mid 2016.

The third book in the series, where the trio fixes things in Cambodia is set for December 2016.

During 2017, our heroes complete a circuit of northern India and Nepal, to visit Achira’s grandmother. They had some serious work to do there, to cure some communities also suffering from the debilitating soul cancer.

We are unfortunately not permitted to divulge more information about their whereabouts since at this time, not only Sargent Helsdinges but also the Canadian Mounties, the FBI, CIA and several Muslim extremists–all want to know where to find Achira, Anming and Ava.


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Imprint data for Volume 1

  • CSCi: The Murderous MILF / du Plessis Jean Prieur—USA edition, 2015
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9878015-1-7